What is the RJZ?

RJZ stands for Revolutionary Youth of Zurich. When we were founded, we were a group of young people organised around and in "SchülerInnennetzwerk Zürich" (which was a group of politically interested pupils and students) and the "Revolutionärer Aufbau Zürich" which is an other revolutionary organisation. We were founded with the aim of being active in politics from a youthful point of view. Formally we are a part of the "Revolutionärer Aufbau Zürich". We are a group composed of young people of every kind: students, workers, trainees and others.


For a lot of young people politics is not particularly interesting. They know politics from school or from boring tv programmes in which they show old men discussing for hours about themes that no one really understands. Very often this leads to the impression that politics is not the thing one should or wants to deal with. An important aim for RJZ is to show that politics concerns us all. We want to show that it is correct and important to be active in politics. This is not caused by the thought of responsibillity in our society or as an effort for our "great and fair democracy". Politics decide our income, our retirement age, what and how much we have to learn in schools, whether it is ok to stay here as an foreigner etc.

Revolutionary politics!

We don't do the kind of politics which consists of sitting for hours in a parliament or just writes names on electing lists. After many decades of capitalism, it seems obvious that nothing can be changed by these ways. We want to reach everyone, that is why we are on the streets, in schools, companies and youth centers. You will find us at demonstrations, discussing with other groups, writing texts together or setting up information desks. An important part of our politics is to be part of campaigns for the 1st May, the WEF (World Economic Forum) or the International Women's Day on the 8th of March. We also stage cultural happenings, organize concerts, throw parties and lead workshops. Hanging out together is as important as writing flyers.

Of course, as a left revolutionary organisation the aims of our government and its capitalist economy is not in our interest. We stand aside the largest part of the people: those who work hard every day just to earn enough for the next month while others get richer and richer. We are on the side of the students and trainees under growing pressure, on the side of the foreigners who get to feel the racism and are in danger of extradition, on the side of the unemployed and people who receive supplementary benefsit whose small income is in danger of getting smaller every day. We are on the sidte of those who are not sitting in the chairs of the government nor in a powerful position as a CEO. We fight for a society in which everyone has an acceptable income and is able to afford a flat. No one should have to deal with racist politicians and cops. Of course Zurich or Switzerland is not the only place we look at: we are internationalists, which means that we do not care about borders and passports, we also try to work together with youth organisations of other countries.

If you want to know more, you can just contact us: write us an e-mail, talk to us on the streets and at events. On our homepage you'll find informations about upcoming parties, about our political thinking and more. At the moment only only this text is in English. You can also contact us via the "Aufbau-Vertrieb", a small bookstore at Kanonengasse 35 in Zurich (inner countryard, metal stairs, opening hours Saturday 12am-5pm) where you find posters, T-shirts, hoodies and of course a lot of information.